Bankruptcy lawyerFacing Foreclosure, Judgments, Garnishments, or Bill Collectors?

Our Bowie Maryland and DC Bankruptcy Lawyer is here to help and can explain your bankruptcy options.

Bankruptcy laws were put in place in this country in order to give a fresh start to consumers who are unable to keep up with their mounting debts. By the time you read this, you are likely at “the end of your rope” with your finances. Why not start sleeping better tonight by obtaining a fresh start?

Most homeowners do not know that in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, they can get rid of a second mortgage on their home if the value of their home has fallen below the amount of their first mortgage. Another option for those consumers who are below a certain income level is to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get rid of their unsecured debt (credit cards, personal loans, foreclosure or repossession deficiencies, judgements, etc.) and get a fresh financial start.

Adams Law Office, LLC is a Suburban Maryland and Washington, DC metropolitan bankruptcy law firm committed to providing a sympathetic and patient approach for each client. Thorough and easy to understand explanations are given and the client is assured by the knowledge that their bankruptcy attorney is only a phone call away and is always prompt to respond. Please contact our bankruptcy law firm now to set up a free consultation.

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