Capturing Stories as We Age: The Power of a Legacy Interview

Its always a good time to reflect and appreciate all the things the seniors in our lives have done for us. Whether they are our parents, grandparents, or elderly friends, our seniors have given us so much over the years. But sometimes seeing your loved ones aging or seeing how you’ve aged yourself may remind you of how quickly time passes and how much you wish you could pause life. 

When you think about a loved one who has passed away, you probably don’t give much thought to the material things they’ve left you. Maybe you have a piece of their clothing that you sometimes hold close to your heart or a favorite item of theirs displayed proudly on a shelf. But what you value most about that object likely isn’t its monetary worth but the memories it evokes of your loved one and the time you spent together.  You wish you could still hear from them, learn from them, and share memories with them.

As your Estate Planning Lawyers, we know the value of planning for what happens to your financial assets. But we also know that there is something even more valuable to pass on to your loved ones than money – your stories, lessons, insights, and values. While we might not be able to pause time, there are things we can do to preserve the precious memories and lessons of the people we love.

That’s why we offer a unique service to our clients called a Legacy Interview to help preserve your unique legacy for future generations. The Legacy process is built into all of our plans, and it’s an opportunity to share your love with the ones you care about most, and if you have aging parents or grandparents, the Legacy Interview is an even more important way to preserve their stories and create a cherished memory of their legacy for years to come.

Posted by Suren G. Adams, Adams Law Office, LLC

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