Our Attorney Team

All of the staff at Adams Law Office, LLC truly enjoys going above and beyond what is generally expected from law firms today.

Suren Adams

Suren G. Adams // Founding Attorney

Suren G. Adams is the Founding Attorney of Adams Law Office, LLC.  Suren’s goal is to provide each client with excellent legal services, from their first contact with the firm to the conclusion of their case and beyond. She and her team enjoy going above and beyond what is generally expected from lawyers and law firms today.

Read more about Suren here: https://www.adamslawoffice.net/attorney-profiles/suren-adams/.

Melody M. Haynes  // Associate Attorney

Melody M. Haynes is an Associate Attorney at Adams Law Office, specializing in Estate Planning. Melody earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from Oakwood University, a Master’s degree in Education from Morgan State University, and a Juris Doctor with a concentration in public and governmental service from the University of Baltimore School of Law. She began her professional career in 2000 as a high school English teacher in the Baltimore City Public School System, but after seeing the plight of many of her students, she was inspired to go to law school to help effect changes in the community and the future her students faced. Melody began her legal career fighting for justice as a Criminal Trial Attorney and represented more than 20,000 clients and celebrated countless victories before judges and juries.

After losing her father suddenly and having to help her family pick up the pieces, Melody found her true calling in Estate Planning. She finds joy and the impact she hoped for in her legal career by helping individuals and families plan and establish a legacy for future generations.

When she’s not in the office, Melody enjoys spending time with her husband and children in their home in Upper Marlboro. She also enjoys good food, traveling, supporting the arts, and serving at her church. Everyone at the office agrees that Melody’s name really captures her sweet personality and our clients truly appreciate the way she is able to make the complex topic of Estate Planning easy to understand and approachable.

Melody Haynes
Brandon A Hairston

Brandon A. Hairston

Brandon A. Hairston is an Associate Attorney at Adams Law Office, specializing in asset protection. Brandon earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Morgan State University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Baltimore School of Law.

After the tragic loss of Brandon’s mom to cancer during his final year in law school, Brandon’s attention turned to the estate planning practice area.  His strong desire to help families prevent the heartache and loss of time and money that come from poor planning, propels him to learn more and more about estate planning and has quickly established him as the expert on trusts and asset protection.  Brandon also helps families in the probate area to navigate the complexities of the probate court system and estate administration process.  He also enjoys helping clients get a fresh start financially through the bankruptcy process.

When he is not in the office, Brandon enjoys working out and spending time with his family and friends.  He also enjoys watching sports and traveling as much as possible.  Our clients love Brandon’s positive demeanor and willingness to share his knowledge by answering any and all questions so that otherwise difficult or complex cases can be expertly completed.

Lorraine V. Lipka // Receptionist

Llorraine V. Lipka is our wonderful Receptionist. Lorraine jumped into the role and immediately made herself invaluable! She brings a wealth of experience as a receptionist and administrator from her previous positions working with several government contractors. Lorraine is the friendly voice that will greet you when you call and the smiling face when you visit the office. Her favorite activity is spending time with her four grandchildren and as new office mom to our firm’s puppy, Lola!

Lorraine V. Lipka
Tamara M. Houston

Tamara M. Houston

Tamara M. Houston is our Client Services Coordinator at Adams Law Office, LLC. She is passionate about helping families and individuals unlock the keys to financial peace. Tamara is a former Bowie State Bulldog and takes pride in having attended a local HBCU. As our Client Services Coordinator, Tamara assists estate planning clients with appointment scheduling, document collection, plan completion, and funding. She also conducts legacy interviews, manages the membership program and oversees the seminar/webinar programs. Tamara feels that she is truly at her best when she is walking in her calling, and helping others to achieve their personal best both financially and spiritually. When she is not in office you will find Tamara in her favorite role as a mom of two children. She believes that her greatest gift is empathy, and she leads with compassion and understanding in everything that she pursues.

Jewel L. Holmes

Jewel L. Holmes is a Paralegal at Adams Law Office, LLC supporting the Estate Planning and Probate practice areas. Jewel has over 10 years of experience, as both a litigation and corporate paralegal. Having spent the majority of her career working in many different corporate avenues, Jewel has served as a paralegal and collaborated with attorneys in defending and pursuing claims arising from criminal, family, and personal injury cases. She has also worked as a paralegal liaison at a major corporate law firm in Maryland. In her free time, Jewel enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her three adult children and her newborn grandson.

Jewel L. Holmes
Matthew T Baldwin

Matthew T. Baldwin

Matthew T. Baldwin is our Legal Assistant at Adams Law Office.  Matt assists our estate planning, bankruptcy, and probate clients by facilitating their case management and document gathering.  He ensures that documents are submitted to the court in a timely manner and is in consistent communication with our clients.  He also works closely with the attorneys to create an environment where you feel valued and in the loop regarding your case. 

Matthew graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Justice from the University of the District of Columbia.  He also teaches Sunday School and volunteers with the DC Tutoring and Mentoring Initiative to provide tutors to children in the DMV.  He plans to attend law school in the near future so that he can be part of the next generation of lawyers who will help positively transform the communities they serve. 

Nicholas A. Adams // Summer Intern

Nicholas A. Adams is our firm’s summer Intern. Nick is working his way up from the ground level with the goal of one day working in the firm as an Attorney, like his mom – Founding Attorney, Suren G. Adams. Nick is currently a high school student at Rockbridge Academy and plans on going to college locally and then to law school. Nick has actually been involved in the firm since he was very young when shredding closed cases was his way of making Lego money. Now, during the summers, he manages the firm’s social media marketing and also handles the estate plan document printing and binding.

Nick Adams
Lola Adams

Lola Adams // Team Puppy

Lola Adams is our team puppy who you may be lucky enough to meet if she is at the office visiting. Her work schedule is very flexible, so she does not grace us with her presence every day. But when she does come in, she is the center of attention, which is her favorite thing to be. She is a teacup Maltese, so she likes attention and people. She is also hypoallergenic, so cuddles are always welcome.

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