Starting Your Business

Start your own businessThere are many out-of-state companies that provide boilerplate documents to register your business with the state.

However, at Adams Law Office, LLC, an attorney with years of experience in the Maryland and District of Columbia jurisdictions will not only prepare and ensure timely and efficient filing of your Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization, but will also include statutory language in your Articles to protect your business and personal assets.

The purpose statement of your Articles is an important and often overlooked area where, if not properly drafted, can subject the owners of a company to personal liability for activities outside the scope of their stated business purpose.

Adams Law Office, LLC works hard every day to provide the highest quality service at the best price, so that incorporating or registering your business can be accomplished quickly and properly – saving you time and money!

Top 3 Mistakes Incorporation Companies Entrepreneurs Make Incorporating Businesses

1. Registering a business as a corporation when an LLC or S corporation would be a better fit or vice versa – the “one-size-fits-all mistake.”

2. Inserting only a narrow purpose statement in Articles or Organization/Incorporation – the “short-sighted and potential invitation to increased liability mistake.”

3. Failing to provide additional business start-up advice, such as corporate cautions, dos and don’ts, and next steps – the “you get what you pay for mistake.”
SAVE TIME AND MONEY by starting a business right the first time — have an experienced local attorney incorporate/set up your business today. ADAMS LAW OFFICE, LLC is a Suburban Maryland and Washington, DC metropolitan law firm providing ONLINE business start up services or in-person* consultations.

Follow the 3 steps below to SET UP YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE:

STEP 1Determine Entity Type (LLC, S Corporation, Corporation, Non-Profit Corporation, etc.)

STEP 2Payment

STEP 3 – Complete Online Business Set Up Form

*Please note there is an additional expense for in-person consultations. Please call 301-805-5892 if you would prefer to speak to an attorney directly.

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