What to Expect During Your Legacy Interview

Legacy Interviews are a key part of our Legacy Planning process at Adams Law Office, LLC. If the idea of giving an interview sounds intimidating, don’t worry – the process is an easy conversation, and most of our clients tell us that their Legacy Interview was their favorite part of the estate planning process and a heart-touching experience.

During your Legacy Interview, we’ll ask you a series of helpful questions and prompts that we plan in advance. Or, you can talk freely about whatever you’d like to share with your loved ones.  It’s your interview, so we encourage you to be your authentic self and make it your own. We’ll be there the entire time to guide you through the process. 

We’ll record your interview on video, either in-person or remotely, depending on your preference. After the interview is completed, we’ll edit the footage and provide you with a digital recording that can be shared with your family members or kept with your estate planning materials as a special memento of your story and your love for your family.

We’ve built this into all of our plans because we find that while everyone says they intend to document stories and write letters to their loved one’s, very few people ever actually get around to it.

Posted by Suren G. Adams, Adams Law Office, LLC

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